3 Tips for Healthy Teeth

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Tip 1

Know the Danger Foods/Drinks, and Choose Wisely. People who consume fewer “danger foods/drinks” will have less staining and a healthier enamel. You can make a commitment today to tread carefully with these foods and drinks:

Tips for healthy teeth Hard candy. Eat too many and they will break down tooth enamel and increase risk of tooth chipping.
Acidic foods, like fruits such as lemon. It’s good to be aware that foods high in acid make your teeth susceptible to decay over time.
Coffee and tea. Frequent drinking of these beverages will stain your teeth. Make a commitment to limit your consumption, and drink water with each serving.
Crunchy foods, like chips. Potato chips are filled with starch, which settles in your teeth. If you do eat them, make sure you take extra care flossing that night to remove the food particles.
Soda. If you place a tooth in a glass of Coke, it will literally begin disintegrating over the course of the day. Surely that says enough about the power of sodas, which are highly acidic. Swap it out for water as often as you can, drinking soda only for very special occasions.

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Tip 2

Know the correct brushing techniques. Two minutes is the recommended amount of time for brushing your teeth. One way to do this is to divide your mouth into four sections and devote 30 seconds to each. Pressure or rigorousness is not the measure of a quality brushing; in fact, pressing down too hard can wear away at enamel. Go soft but be comprehensive. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and move it in quick up-down strokes. Hitting the hard-to-reach areas is key to removing the plaque where it’s most likely to build up.

Tip 3

Floss right. You only need to know a few things in order to maximize the impact of your flossing. One: the target is the white slimy stuff that comes off your teeth. . It may seem like nothing compared to the big chunks of food you may also be pulling out, but it’s the real enemy. Your goal is to limit bacteria buildup and to do that, you have to get rid of what it’s feeding on: plaque.

To do that, wind the floss around your index fingers on each hand for maximal control. Bring the floss down gently between each tooth, rubbing up and down against one side and then against the other. When you bring it out, wash it off or move your fingers down to another section of the floss in order to avoid re-dirtying your teeth with the plaque from other teeth.

How are you doing on these tips for healthy teeth? Remember that consistency and care will get you where you need to go.


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