Do You Wear Braces? It’s Time to Upgrade Your Oral Hygiene Routine! – Alexandria, VA

Whether you chose Invisalign or the conventional orthodontic appliance to straighten your teeth, it doesn’t matter. Clear aligners and traditional braces offer the same teeth straightening benefits to the wearer. However, having dental devices inside the mouth can be a challenge. As for the case of metal braces where the brackets are fixed and cemented on the teeth, cleaning the mouth is a hassle. Failure to thoroughly clear buildups in the mouth can compromise the overall oral health and the success of the treatment.  How would you deal with it? We at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles prepared some tips!


Oral Care Routine Tips

Your journey with braces or aligners doesn’t have to be burdensome. Follow these tips to keep your smile healthy and disease-free while wearing an orthodontic appliance:

Upgrade your dental tools

Brushing and flossing are effective in maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth, but it is even more powerful with the help of the right tools. Does your toothbrush start to fray? Perhaps it’s time to toss it away! Frayed bristles cannot accurately free the teeth from plaque. Since it is hard to remove food debris below each wire and brackets, using an interdental toothbrush is useful. Remember to pick toothpaste with fluoride to fight away cavities.

Don’t delay dental visits

Aside from the monthly adjustment visits, orthodontic patients should also comply with their regular cleanings and checkups. It is necessary for the dentist to check the wearer’s oral health. If potential issues are present, the dental professional can perform appropriate treatments right away.

Keep an oral hygiene kit in your bag always

A lunch or dinner date doesn’t have to stop you from giving your pearly whites the right care. Carrying a small pouch packed with a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash will make it easy for you to clean your mouth after eating even away from home.

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