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Despite the importance of dental visits, some people tend to avoid seeing the dentist due to fear. Feeling anxious about dental procedures is normal, not seeking professional help and performing self-medications can be unhealthy. Over the counter medications may be available, however, it is not enough to provide lasting results. All it can do is temporarily ease the symptoms, not effectively help cure the problem. On the other hand, proper evaluation from the dentist will ensure patients that the main source of the problem can be detected and treated.


Sedation Dentistry


Most dentists including ours at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles understand that some patients would rather avoid them unless the pain becomes unbearable. To cope with these patients, sedation dentistry options can be offered to make them feel comfortable during treatments for a better experience. We can offer local anesthesia or oral sedation depending on their preferences and needs.

Local anesthesia is administered through the use of an injection to numb a specific area in the mouth. And oral sedation is through the use of a pill taken an hour prior to the scheduled dental procedure. For patients who are still unconvinced about sedation dentistry here is the list of benefits!

  • Patients who are afraid of needles have the option of getting oral sedation to achieve comfort.
  • Both local anesthesia and oral sedation make patients feel sleepy, but they can still respond to the instructions of the dentist.
  • The pills used with oral sedation are controlled by the FDA that means it is safe for patients.
  • Local anesthesia eliminates the usual hassles associated with other anesthetics like vomiting and nausea.
  • Provides lasting pain relief since its effects can last for several hours even after the procedure.
  • Dentists can perform dental procedures efficiently and effectively.
  • Sedation dentistry allows dentists to perform several procedures in a shorter time, therefore, lesser dental visits.
  • It can lessen or even eliminate dental fear for patients to receive future dental procedures without any fear and anxiousness.


Everyone deserves a pain-free and comfortable dental experience. Avail of our Sedation Dentistry in Alexandria, VA. Book your appointment with us at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles!