How to Have a Successful Orthodontic Treatment – Alexandria, VA

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which is focused on straightening the teeth by correcting malocclusions. It is consist of multiple dental procedures that have been improved and upgraded since then. It is never too late to undergo these procedures since orthodontics treatment doesn’t have age limit and it does more than making the teeth beautiful; straighter teeth do not only mean a pleasant smile, but it also helps in keeping the teeth healthy by correcting the factors that can affect how the teeth are cleaned and maintained. It also means that the teeth can be properly used for chewing, smiling, and talking.

At Mount Vernon Dental Smiles we are proud to offer two options for Orthodontic treatments that can cater to our patient’s needs. Traditional braces and Invisalign are guaranteed to provide straighter and healthier teeth for the overall dental health and wellness of all our patients.

patient getting orthodontic treatment

Tips For A Successful Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics may not be required for everyone, but there is no question of its worth in the protection and preservation of the teeth and other oral structures. Having straighter teeth is equal to having beautiful, healthier, and brighter smile.

  • Bear with the slight discomforts during the first few days of the treatment. It may feel a little weird having something stuck in your mouth, but believe that it will be gone in a day or so. Saliva production may increase, but it is normal, it is the mouth’s response to the treatment.
  • Wearing a new set of clear aligners or have the metal wires adjusted can result in sensitive teeth. Eat or drink something cold like water, smoothies, or ice cream to help numb the mouth. Switch to a soft-food diet for the meantime and slowly adjust back to a regular diet if there is less pain or discomfort.
  • Take over the counter or prescribed medications to alleviate any pain and discomforts. Make sure to follow the suggested intake to avoid any dental and health complications.
  • Clean the teeth regularly to keep it healthy; having dental complications during an orthodontic treatment can affect the results of the procedure. Practice proper dental hygiene and care periodically to prevent any types of damage to the teeth and other oral structures such as gums and jawbone.
  • Stay motivated throughout the treatment by thinking of the positive outcome of the procedure.
  • Strictly follow the suggested time for the replacement of the clear aligners and the correct sequence of the trays to be worn. Also, follow a regular appointment for the adjustment of the braces.

The success of the treatment depends on the full compliance of the patient. Many people can benefit from orthodontic treatments not only for correcting teeth imperfections but also in the prevention and care it provides. Get straighter teeth for a better and healthier overall dental condition with Orthodontics!


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