Reasons to Always Go for Professional Teeth Whitening – Alexandria, VA

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After many years of mindless consumption of coffee, wine, pasta, berries, and other foods or beverages with strong colors, you finally noticed that your smile had lost its luster. Who is there to blame? Sad to say, it’s you.

The teeth are like the skin or a piece of sponge; they have pores where staining agents can accumulate over time. Apart from intense-colored substances, many other factors can cause the teeth to become dull-looking. Some are the following: poor oral practices, tobacco use, age, genetics, trauma, medication, and diseases. Although these are avoidable, others are quite inevitable.

Fortunately, with today’s advancements in technology, means in improving the appearance of a patient’s smile came. There are several options available, but the one that happens to be the most popular is teeth whitening. Whether scrolling through an online shopping app or browsing the oral care section of a grocery store, a person is sure to come across a teeth whitening product or two. Checking its supposed benefits and price, it can easily entice a person to buy such. Should you give it a go? Well, before making the decision, read on below.


The Effects of Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

Teeth sensitivity

As it happens, many people who used store-bought products complained of the sudden increase in teeth sensitivity. One of the contributing factors for this condition is the presence of cavities on the teeth. They tend to react negatively on the whitening agents used; thereby causing discomfort to the patient. To prevent this from occurring it is best to undergo an initial consultation.

Gum inflammation

Without the expertise of a dentist, it is possible for the patient to apply the whitening agent on the gums. As a result, the gum becomes irritated or even inflamed. Although it is not a long-term effect, it can cause the person to become uncomfortable.


Again, without the assistance of a professional, it is possible for the patient to use the teeth whitening product excessively. They may use the product repeatedly before they reach the level of whiteness they are aiming for. However, this is not good for the teeth since the enamel may begin to weaken.

As per the information mentioned above, it would seem like the affordability of over the counter whitening may not justify the amount of discomfort it can cause. But there is no need to feel down for there is a better alternative – In-Office Teeth Whitening! At Mount Vernon Dental Smiles, we offer the said treatment for our patients who are aiming to improve their smiles. We assure them that they can get several shades whiter teeth in a more comfortable, effective, and safe manner!


What are you waiting for? Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Mount Vernon Dental Smiles and check out our Teeth Whitening service in Alexandria, VA. We are located at 8101 Hinson Farm Road #216, Alexandria, VA 22306.