Teeth Extractions in Alexandria, VA – Tips for its Prevention

Preserving the teeth is necessary for the maintenance of the bone and facial structures. Missing a tooth may have its consequences, but some instances make extraction a better option. Many dental treatments are offered to help preserve the teeth but there still some factors that may require its removal.


At Mount Vernon Dental Smiles, we only opt for Teeth Extractions if it is badly needed to save the dental health of our patients. To make sure that our patient will receive a pleasant procedure, we can perform sedation to make them feel relaxed without any worries for pain or discomfort.


patient getting tooth extraction procedure


When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?


  • Infection that is quickly spreading and a root canal is no longer an option to save the tooth.
  • If a patient experienced an accident that makes the teeth harder to restore or irreparable.
  • Teeth that are badly damaged by decay. Since it is beyond repair, extraction is the next best course of action.
  • Extraction may be required to have a successful Orthodontic treatment. Some instances make it necessary to eliminate overcrowding for a more effective treatment.
  • If gum disease has worsened, it is ideal to have the infected tooth removed as a solution that can help with the restoration of the patient’s health.
  • Lack of space within the mouth can result in tooth impaction. Extraction of that tooth is essential to prevent pain and damage to other healthy teeth structures.


Tips for the Prevention of Tooth Extractions


  • Practice proper dental hygiene by brushing the teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, flossing once a day, and mouth rinsing to prevent harmful bacterias from building up on the teeth surface.
  • Avoid excessive intake of acidic foods and beverages that can cause damage to the teeth.
  • Minimize sugar intake since bacteria on the mouth can feast on these and produce acids that can wear down the teeth’s enamel. If it is unavoidable make sure to drink water afterward to rinse the mouth and help with the production of saliva.
  • See the dentist regularly. It is recommended to schedule a dental appointment every six months. It is to help detect and prevent any signs of damage to the teeth or the oral structures.


Teeth extraction may sound frightening but no need to fret! Dental treatments are readily available for the restoration of missing teeth. Preserve the health of the teeth as well as its supporting structures for a better overall health condition.

Looking for a safe, comfortable, and pain-free procedure? Book an appointment with us! Mount Vernon Dental Smiles have a caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Teeth Extractions in Alexandria, VA.